Norway map


Briefly, I went to Norway for two weeks with my husband, a tent and a beautiful (to me) van.

I went to:

// Bergen – got a decent slice of pizza and a van.

// Voss – wanted to do hardcore water sports (it was too windy/closed), so bought a £7 half pint of beer. Saw some cows.

// Odda – clambered the 65,000 steps to and from Trolltunga. Blew me away (not literally). Last toe nails have only just fallen off last week. Climbed to base of glacier next morning on way to next location

// Went south. Chasing the ever-escaping sun (it was my summer holiday after all). Found a decent campsite somewhere random near Sandjeford. Swam in a fjord.

// Did a long drive with a few pit stops along the south coast – very wet day. Listened to my constantly improving Road Trip playlist on Spotify. Sometimes, there’s a dodgy one added by my friend (Barbie Girl leaps to mind), but that made for a laugh in the van!

// Sola – Beautiful sand dunes on the west coast. Some mental landscapes and grim hotdogs on the next drive.

//Ryfylke – most beautiful campsite view. Enjoyed my luminous airseat with a strong coffee after my HIIT session each day. Went kayaking. Stayed here longer than I meant to. Climbed up Preikestolen to watch the sun rise. Blimey!

// Bergen – stopped looking at price of things and just had a few amazing beers. 7 Fjell. Phwoar. Worth all 1000 pence.

Ultimately, go here if you like:

// Decent beer

// Unbelievable jaw-dropping scenery

// Standard campsites with incredible views (or free wild camping)

Don’t go there is you don’t like:

// Paying through the nose for everything

// Paying for each shower

// Sugar tax

// Everywhere you turn being incredibly beautiful…

Here’s my 1 second every day:

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