Seconds app

This app is a great way of doing HIIT when short of time and resources. All I need is my phone and little weights.

I used it all summer whilst away in various places. The best thing is that I don’t have to keep looking at my phone to see how much time is left or what exercise is coming up next. Having recently done the 30 day core challenge, I appreciate the app more as I had to keep flicking between exercise page and timer. This app allows for hands free exercise due to its text to speech function. This means he/she reads exercise and counts down from 3. I added emojis for my own entertainment and he reads those too!

I spent twenty minutes programming in my Body Coach DVD and can now do his HIIT sessions wherever I happen to be so long as I have my phone!

It’s steep at £3.99, but well worth it to fit in with me and my day!

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