Primary Rocks 2017

Another year, another fantastic opportunity to see my online, ever-increasing network of primary teachers, leaders and those studying to join us in the profession.

The team worked hard throughout the year to pick up on feedback from last time and we think it kicked off even better than last year. I can’t figure out if we’re still flying high from the quality speakers, sponsors and attendees or now having mega PrimaryRocks withdrawal symptoms.

There are  a few great blog posts out about the day, so I will keep mine to a brief list format (of course):

// Paul Dix:

He revved us all up by speaking a lot of sense about noticing good behaviours – ‘the above and beyond’. When looking around the room, I saw lots of nodding heads. To summarise his presentation: Set the standard, whether that be by shaking hands or whatever suits you and your style. Praise in public, especially the above and beyond and privately discuss behaviours which are not appropriate. Don’t immortalise those who ‘take the shortcut’ through bad behaviour choices.

// Session 1:

From reading the #primaryrocks thread, Rhoda, Tim and Stephen seemed to have a similar message about reading entwined in their session:

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 16.34.39

Julian, as always, had a chocca session of tech for the classroom. Sarah shared some great AfL that she’s using in the classroom. And we had an olympian, Peter Bakare, in our midst sharing about how his grit and resilience got him to where he is today.

// Ice Cream:


Sprinkles, sherbet, sauce and flake. That’s all. Ta Literacy shed!

// Session 2:

While Phil took us on an immersive trip to the Brazilian rainforest where we found a skeleton and had to decide whether or not to find the skeleton’s ‘Heather’, there were other active and soapy sessions from Innovative Enterprise and a slightly wetter active session from Mike Watson all about bringing the indoors out. Tim Taylor was using his audience (participants) to help build their own immersive environment while our very own Gaz Needle ran an impromtu session about his journey to headset. Sean Harford was putting things straight for a lot of people about what Ofsted actually want and held a Q&A session, where we realised the concern is actually more with expectations from LAs at the moment – baby steps!

// Session 3:

Yet more active (wet) learning from the lovely, Bryn while top ideas about exclusion and SEN were shared from Jackie. Chris Dyson had his audience under his spell with people piled around on the floor listening about positivity in education. Sinead was sharing her passion for the English curriculum and how focus upon assessment has resulted in us missing the shift from old to new. Along the corridor, Allana shared her pearls of wisdom about getting into primary leadership. Meanwhile, the primary heads entertained us whilst discussing leadership vs leadershit and their evident bromance/comedy duo act alongside their on-point voting system kept us all ears.

// Michael Tidd:

Tidd speaks sense. He’s coming back to Sussex so all I hope is that he’ll keep talking sense down here for those who can make the decisions about marking and feedback. Just like Dix’s opener, Michael had the audience nodding along. Good food for the soul PLUS I am all revved up to suggest changes to our policy.

// Primary Beers:

What’s not to like (apart from the lack of Guinness or decent beer on tap!) Really nice to chat those who I hadn’t managed to catch properly during the day and chat some shop and some definitely not shop.

// Primary Rockers:

Without wanting to sound too gushing, all I know is that these bunch are amazing creatures: always there for each other on our ridiculously long thread either to support, slate or just send a gif or 10. Here’s to next year!

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 16.12.30



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