I am the car cobweb. Not just the cobweb across the path in the morning, so easy to swipe away. Not the one hiding in the ceiling corner, so easy to ignore. I’m the stubborn one that even at 70miles an hour in a rainstorm won’t quit it.

It is that time of year where we are all wanting to cling on to ensuring we somehow maintain stability whilst sports day, music assemblies, transition days, Y6 plays etc keep popping up into the diary. I am finding it that bit mentally harder because I am off to pastures new come September, so my mind is wandering. I’m sure we all know some who have sacked it in already, but that’s not fair on the children and in the long run makes our remaining job harder as expectations and standards slip. I am the car cobweb.

With references in and paperwork signed, I could officially celebrate last Monday and I did. Moving into a five-form Year 6 as year leader from three-form Year 4 has filled me with a variety of (cobweb-analogy-supporting) feelings:

// Excitement: having a dance in the motorway ‘breeze’.

The promotion. The school. The location. The age group. The size. All of these aspects of the role re-lit my fire and my heart back in the game. The promotion gives me something further to get my teeth into. The school seems so welcoming and I’ve heard positive things from friends who have children there. The location means I could get a bike, cycle to exercise, not leave early and still be at my desk ready by 7:30. The age group is something I have missed (I may live to regret that!) The size means more children and more staff to keep abreast of, but having been mainly two of us for a year, I will enjoy sharing the planning!

// Unadulterated mind explosion: spider rebuilding web at 70mph.

I’ve been itching to find out more about the school, the topics, the trips and residentials. I’ve been brushing up on basics needed, researching the Mayans, buying new books and generally being overly excited. My ever so wise friend kindly told me to calm down and start with my three most important things as I can’t juggle everything. I’ve given some thought to this and will expand when my mind has settled and I can be more focussed…

// Terror: the car wash.

Perhaps more so about maths as I just haven’t thought about half of that curriculum since I was last in Year 6. I have sat down this evening to have a look through the Arithmetic paper to test my rusty skills! With a few revisions, I did at least remember the processes. Having had lots of CPD this year about Maths mastery, however, I will need to spend some time applying what I’ve learned before September.

// Relief: parked up in the sun basking.

Those who know me know that it’s been an interesting six months for me. This job is not only a great, local opportunity, but also needed for my own mental health. Happy days.

To all my car cobweb colleagues towards the end of the year, good luck clinging on and enjoy your summer!! And yes, I’ll wash my car…






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