It’s been two years since I blogged. Turns out it took a pandemic for me to feel like I have something vaguely useful to share – being thrown out of my comfort zone definitely got my creative juices flowing.

We are now closed and since Thursday have been coming up with how to remotely teach/provide resources for the children.

I created a format for the school to use trying to include as many subjects as possible which other year group leaders have taken and developed for their year group.

My main issue was worrying about whether children would engage or not. I know our role is to provide what we can, but I wanted to make sure that the children use it.

1// Use Google Doc

I chose to do this on Google Docs

a) because there’s always a doc for all situations…

b) So the whole team can take a section to update from shared bank of resources

c)  It’s a live working document which reduces need to upload lots of documents throughout the day.


This last section I’m particularly excited about. I’ll upload the next part of the Fighting Fantasy Quest ending with the next choice. I’m hoping the voting poll for which direction they’d like to take alongside it being updated three times a day will keep the children logging on and engaging with a text while we are away. So far two children have voted already. Just awaiting permission to see if we can continue. We shall see!



This section is a bit more creative and for them to dip in and out of throughout their time away. We have encouraged sharing pictures and links to give the children an audience for this learning.

2// Class doc and Maths class docs

These create a little forum for the  children to share their learning and write questions for the teacher. We will be calling around our class throughout each week, but this means we can answer questions about their learning if they’re stuck as we can’t presume parents can help with everything!


Maths set doc:

// They were straight into claiming a row and playing with the fonts – easiest buy-in ever!10

// We were ahead of the game and practised in Monday’s lesson so the children knew how to screenshot and what to expect from me.78

// We also added their logins as my set tend to never remember them…convenient!

Class doc:

// Have deleted the content for this as it’s just hellos and miss yous. Again, the claiming of a row and font changing got the biggest buy-in.


3// Step-by-step guide for parents to navigate

This includes handy bookmarks in Google Docs (thanks @daviderogers for the lesson – at a suitable distance of course)


How to from an even safer social distance!: 

  • Scroll to the section in the document you’d like to link to
  • Highlight the text and click  ‘insert’ then ‘bookmark’
  • 13Write the title that you’d like to link, highlight the text, right click and select ‘link’
  • 14Click on ‘bookmarks’ and select the correct text
  • 15


Et voila!

4// The importance that this is new and growing and will continually be tweaked!

We even are creating a new ‘team Corona chat’ purely to discuss the home learning so that we don’t miss anything in-between the chat and gifs and puppy photos. We mean business!


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