Beer No Evil

It’s been faaaar too long since I’ve added to this page, especially when I’ve been drinking lots of great beer.

I moved to Worthing and fell in love with Beer No Evil – beer shop and tap room.  Fridges filled with delicious beers and lots of focus on local.

After a few ‘tipsy’ evenings, the owners, Gemma and Gareth, tipped me off about getting 2/3 glasses rather than pints as they’d discovered I really like my meaty IPAs or DIPAs. Me and many 7% pints ain’t pretty.

Lockdown happened and they’ve created a super safe hand-picked to our tastes beer box order (and delivery service with Gareth’s trusty steed/bike).

Here’s tonight’s treats:

// Happiness Runs. Brewed by: Duration with Double Barrelled and Simply Hops. 3.5%
– light with a digestivey after taste

// Shaka. Brewed by Hand Brew Co. 4%

– nice and local (Brighton). Have had this before and enjoyed. Really like the art work by Hello Marine. Easy to quaff. Little light on flavour, but a solid pale.

// A Better Party. Brewed by Howling Hops. 4.8%

Firstly, if you’re in East London, make time to while away some time at Howling Hops – it’s a great tankroom in Hackney Wick with excellent little food pop ups.

Secondly, this is tasty. Hoppy but still quite light.

// Tomorrow. Brewed by Burning Sky. 5%

Great, local brewer. This was really nice. Casky vibes and a good level of hoppiness.

// Never Dug Disco. Brewed by Cloak and Dagger. 5%

Note made last night: fruity, punchy, tasty (a little thicker and that’s a good thing!) ….I agree with my last night’s self.

// DDH Idaho 7. Brewed by Brick Brewery. 6%

Tropical and delicious. Probably my favourite.

// Looper. Brewed by Full Circle Brew Co. 6.4%

Note last night: thick and tasty. I was clearly just enjoying the 6%ers. That’s my vibe.

// Yakima Valley. Brewed by Arbor ales. 7%

Smooth, hoppy, bursting with flavour – ruddy lovely AND pint sized can 👌

// Sky High. 8%

This is one David stole from me as he was ahead with the sampling. He graced me with a sip and it was hoppy with a lovely aftertaste. Really fun can.

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