Helloooo, new favourite brewer!

The aforementioned, Bison Beer‘s beer advent calendar is going down a treat and – quite frankly – I’m not sure what I’m going to do when it’s gone. So far I’ve had many treats, but my top three thus far all come from the same brewery: Unbarred. Why? I hear you ask. Well, read on:

1// The packaging is something to behold. Either simple and gorgeous colours (PA and RIPA) or just ruddy awesome design (Honeycomb Milkshake Pale)

2// What’s inside – don’t judge a beer by its cover. Oh wait, do because the beer on the inside of these cans is just as marvellous as the packaging. Really tasty and very different. Apparently, they have even made some adjustments to the Honeycomb Pale while responding to feedback (they’d be highly praised for this attitude in my lessons!)

1b// So, I’m not obsessed or anything, but the feel of the paper they’ve used on the packaging gives me the feels. You know there’s quality behind it!

Anyway, highly recommend and am hoping for these cans to turn up in Bison’s Hove Actually soon – so pretty (and tasty, I’m sure!)

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 20.41.42

(image stolen from their website)


****It’s the most wonderful time of the year (hope you sang that too!)****

I was bought the most magical birthday present this year: a Beer Advent Calendar (thanks, David!)

Best things about it:

> It’s very pretty

> It’s filled with local beers with beautiful labels

> I get to punch through a box each night

> I don’t have my advent treat before work (and accidentally have 5 days….)

Worst things about it:

> My giant hands feel even bigger as they struggle to extract the yeasty, hoppy goodness from their caverns.

Thank you Bison Beer!



I’m a sucker for word play.

But this Pompey-based and humble brewery ‘Staggeringly Good’ has also brewed me a delicious red ale.

// Yummy strawberry-esq hoppy taste

// Roasty after taste

// CAMRA say it’s a real ale

// Did I mention the dinosaur?

Dry January

So, I’m doing dry January¬†um…no. Not again.

I am @leahmoo on Untappd and will more frequently post there, so until my next delicious beer that deserves a post of its own below are two lists.

Here’s a list of my top rated thus far:


(7Fjell brewery should be on here, but internet was as expensive as the beer in Norway and I prioritised!)

And of course, a list of stats:


Aiming to get the Unique beers up to 200 soon *dancing lady emoji*