10% Braver

Obviously, I’m very brave in day-to-day life. Every day, apart from New Years day, I manage to step out of the door ready to tackle life head on, despite my noggin which sprouts (a lot of) ginger hair. Brave. However, I’ve been reading the #10%braver posts and it only clicked this week that I too could get my foot on the ladder up to this club!

We’ve gained a new head since January and change is afoot. Being how I am, this is a difficult concept, especially the unknown change. Even worse, the whispered-in-corridor change. Just. Tell. Me.

Over the last year, since I joined the school, I’ve had frustration brewing in the pit of my belly regarding work/life balance. Now, with a new head, I had more unanswered questions cropping up and more ‘changes’ being muttered, texted and essentially moaned about. More to my frustration, I found myself being drawn into this and whinging. Now, I’m no stranger to whinging in life, but I’ve always managed to keep it professional.

Here’s what I did (in a list!):

// Realised I either needed to say something, or put up and shut up…

// …so I booked an appointment with the head

// Picked up my laptop and started hastily making the basics of a script for what I might say (because I’m not brave enough so as to go without well-thought out ideas, heaven forbid.)

// Sent it to trusted ‘out of school’ friends and mum, of course.

// Went in very positively.

// Raised my qualms, alongside some ideas for solutions – I am one half of #TMSolutions after all.

// Listened to her ideas (whilst trying not to forget my script)

// Suggested pros and cons

// Had my mind put at ease that stuff would happen with time

// Came away with a new role

// Kicked myself for forgetting something

// Now digesting what was said and will no doubt process for a while, over a beer.